Thursday, July 19, 2012

Time and Temperature

I unloaded a glaze fire this morning.

yarn holder bobbin bowls

mason stain and new glazes

credit card acceptance signs that I never actually intended to sell

tiles and a plate

mugs and another yarn holder bobbin bowl

In talking with other ceramists both locally and on-line (the people at Election Cone 6 & Other Ways with Clay are great), I've heard that my process is anywhere between unusual and wrong. Looking at the glazes in this firing, I can see quite clearly that my glazes sit on top of the clay and are not absorbed.  In the coming weeks, I plan to run a low-fire bisque for my stoneware to see how I feel about the difference. My kiln is small enough that I've had to extend to two bisque and two glaze firings each month, and it is easy enough to make those separate stoneware and porcelain batches.

Always learning and growing!

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