Monday, February 28, 2011

Please Work!

After the kiln trouble I've been having, I've been getting too attached to recent works. Last night, I broke these pieces for the cathartic release of gravity’s effect in action.

I was pretending that I couldn’t see the small crack in the lip.

Adding a vent was much messier than I expected.

Cutting the bottoms off pieces is a disappointingly common phenomenon.

Aren't these pieces pretty? Couldn't I have saved them? Can I possibly make others nice enough to replace them?

I'm currently five months behind on a commissioned piece. That beautiful lid was part of the project. I can blame the kiln trouble and pregnancy for part of the delay, but those wouldn't have been factors without the initial faulty math. (π * h * r^2) ≠ (π * [h * r]^2)

Below is my first attempt on the project at the correct size:

The current version:

Dramatic improvement, wouldn’t you say? and I was heartbroken that the first didn't survive the firing.

This one needs to work, though. A severe discount makes up for only so much lack of punctuality.

By the by, is anyone interested in writing a small amount of php for me for a small amount of money? Or barter?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

getting a handle on the handle thing

another use for kiln stilts


I was pregnant and didn't entirely fit behind my wheel. everything I had fired in a bisque load exploded or was otherwise ruined. my daughter was born via c-section and I had massive activity restrictions. (she was so totally worth it) I had another equally successful bisque fire. I got a pyrometer and new cones-- and it made a difference!

and then I got a batch of deflocculated clay. seriously?

so really I haven't been very serious in my studio until about a week ago.

several people have asked why I don't make mugs. we get so many promotional mugs that I generally just considered them annoying. then I made a few and people got excited.

woo mugs

so I'm making mugs now. as many as I can. hopefully I'll have some good ones for Eastern Market when I go back on April 15. you can also provide cash money in exchange for a mug via my website,

three other things:
1. you cannot add water to slip.

2 my sock yarn blanket is currently four by six feet big.

3. Lucia and Palmer are very good friends.