Wednesday, December 14, 2011

now I just want to stay home and take pictures of buttons

tomorrow my family is going to Sterling, Colorado to celebrate with my in-laws. we will have limited internet access, and so these buttons won't be added to the website at least until the 21st. Also, all shipping will be delayed until the 22nd.

Monday, December 5, 2011



see it LIVE at

I was surprised, when I had the shop critique, how many people didn't like my logo. I didn't think people cared that much. but here-- I now have the company name spelled out in three mugs. and then I painted it. woo.

the wiggly from my tremor makes me happy in this context. it's the wings on my heart.

there are a couple other really big deal kind of things going on right now.

the happy one is that I am in the process of taking out our basement shower and the wall between the bathroom and my studio. in this newly annexed studio space, I will move my kiln. I will be able to vent the kiln directly out ductwork we already have in our house.

my oh-so-romantic birthday, anniversary, and giftmas present from my husband is the retrofit vent. heck yes.

the one that is mostly happy except also kind of sad is that my garden is no longer my own. the abandoned house where it was is being gutted and rebuilt as a demo for a construction company. apparently they work for an entity that manages abandoned properties.

I'm not exactly sure how that works.

anyway, my garden is gone. poor thing. it got mowed, two trees fell on it, and now I lost custody.

it's good for the neighborhood. the garage is a nest for feral cats, and in general people can take more pride in their neighborhood when there is not a house whose outsides are crumbling next door.

on the plus side, I did get to see the inside of the house. there is standing water in the basement, the staircase to the ¼ story loft is rotting out, there is a hole in the ceiling beneath it (although I did not see a hole in the floor through the curling carpet), the beautiful oak hardwood floors through the entire place are swollen and grey, and something fell in the bathroom and broke the mirror and toilet. it is in surprisingly good shape given that it has sat empty for over four years. The workers cleared away organic debris around the garage, showing that the bottom 18" (aboutz) are swollen and discolored.


work is being done.

my wheel is disassembled so I can clean my studio well and then put it back up somewhere else. the paneling, dry wall, and shower liner that was glued to the drywall (is that standard practice?) are down. an entire six foot-long wall of studs that didn't actually reach the ceiling or joists is down. now I have to solder off plumbing. I've never done that before.

I like doing things I've never done before.

in summary, we conclude:
1. new logo woo!
2  bathroom space annexed for studio woo!
3. new kiln vent woo!
4. green house no longer rotting away woo!
5. aw but that means I lose my garden. maybe.

smile a lot!