Tuesday, March 10, 2009

first off, I need a new watermark

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we're nearly four hours in to the glaze fire. we being the kiln and I.

I will admit that this timing had a lot to do with needing more chickens, but I mostly filled the kiln with dip-glazed bobbin bowls. honestly, I'll be pissed if no one buys any. I have 18 of them.

my kiln shelves are warped. I suspect this has something to do with breaking a large pyrometric cone in half so that it would fit in the kiln sitter during the last bisque fire. sometimes, I am not the world's most intelligent human being.

I paid $200 for a kiln whose lowest price, which is the beginning bid in an ebay listing, is $350. in that listing, the seller repeatedly notes that the bottom is rotted out. mine, on the other hand, functions perfectly. it came with minor cracks that I have since repaired with kiln cement. the list price new is $1,650.

it is also 12 or 13 years old. clearly a good investment.

I'm really glad that I made art a priority in my life.

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