Sunday, July 5, 2009

one year and counting

, originally uploaded by nirbhao.

last year, on the fourth of july, I started a project that has become somewhat definitive in my life: the sock yarn blanket.

I started with some scraps I had leftover from socks I had made.

another mystery ball *

people started giving me yarn. supersupersuper amazingly nice.

and I joined a swap... or two.... or...
swap yarn

after about six weeks and a good amount of progress, I realized that I was doing it wrong.

so I frogged it.

and I started over.

this time, I had more colors and so I was able to be a bit more random. I also was figuring out that I prefer solid to variegated and that there is a wide world of fibers and textures beyond superwash wool. the blanket grew and grew and grew.

I learned about dyeing

and the blanket grew and grew and grew.

and the entire time I treated it as my pygmalion in my photography.

the swaps were a bit disappointing, because I was throwing in stuff like interlacements and getting stuff like lion brand back. being the snob that I am, I decided to give myself one nice skein of sock yarn per month.

I started a bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb (bouncing blanket ball box with extra b's because that is the fun way to do it) for the types of yarn that I use. it is successful.

and again with the overly dramatic photography

now it is big. yesterday, people who sat next to me would use it as a blanket while I was working on it. on the bottom, I'm two squares shy of my 72" goal.

my stash is best described as intimidating.

it's likely I'll be knitting this for another two years.


melisa said...

happy blankie-versary!
one year, how amazing, and your blankie looks fantastic.
love the shot of it on the dog!

ddknits said...

I really like all your wonderful photos & enjoyed the story of your journey. It will be fun to see what's next.

Shine said...

thank you, both of you.