Tuesday, October 6, 2009

getting caught up on life in general

the routine is starting to fall into place. slowly. I'll be upsetting it again soon.

I found a good temple. I have a set day to change the sheets and another to clean the bathroom. I have dinners planned for the next week. 13 wine chillers, some of which are already sold (YEA!), are ready to fire. the garden is ready for winter.

the sock yarn blanket is coming along beautifully. I have taken a bit of a break from buying yarn and am getting caught up on using what I currently have. I have a lot of yarn. keeping up with the politics of the business is fascinating, though. and how can you not buy malabrigo sock when it first hits the market?

I've had a number of flops otherwise. I started the Q sock pattern. I like the socks a lot, but the yarns I used were too close together in color and I took about an inch of work out. I haven't had the energy to start with a new color yet.

I'm also trying to make my own menstrual pads. I have some nice undyed hemp that will be perfect, but patterns I've found are either ridiculously incomplete or unnecessarily complicated. I'll make my own-- it shouldn't be too hard.

by the by, I prefer reusable feminine hygiene products for a number of reasons. first, they create less waste and are less expensive. more importantly, they are far better for a woman's body. placing a wad of non-sterile mystery-material that contains a known carcinogen against the most sensitive mucous membrane of the body is not the healthiest thing a woman can do. boiling a silicone cup or running a cotton or hemp liner through the wash makes a lot more sense to me.

anyway, that was just in case homemade sanitary products strike you as gross.

being a domestic artist-- a homemaker who does so using power tools-- has tested my beliefs in terms of feminisms and disability. I don't know why I have to justify to myself or anyone else that it's okay to spend my days elbow deep in clay, making all of my food from scratch, or retro-renovating this beautiful first-era ranch. I don't know who I owe an explanation to that going grocery shopping tires me to a degree that I can hardly function afterwards. who is it I implore for understanding that, since I've left the rat race, organs that were starting to fail have started functioning again?

plus my enabler is about the most awesome partner anyone could ask for. this is what a friend said to me, just yesterday, "[H]is alliance with you demonstrates a depth that made us all take notice. Bravo. I just had such a positive, electric feeling that you compliment, understand and support each other. There isn't anything better than that."

and so my life continues to be a wonderful dream.

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