Tuesday, May 4, 2010

work on the website

well, hello!

I've started selling at Detroit's Eastern Market. Because of this, I'm kicking up the efforts on my website, full of delicion!

First, I am curious about payment methods. I currently use paypal merchant services, which has served me well for years. However, I have recently discovered that some people think that, in order to check out with paypal, you have to have a paypal account. furthermore, some of these people are unwilling to set up a paypal account. Did you know that you do not need an account with paypal in order to use it to purchase goods on the web?

The second aspect of the website I am working on is the "frequently asked questions." there are some questions asked often enough that I am able to list them easily. however, I'm sure I don't remember all of them. plus, as long as I am making that bit, I may as well include answers to questions that are not yet but may still become frequently asked. what kinds of things would you like to know about the art, the website, or me? what kinds of things do you know but suspect other people might like to know?

thanks so much for your feedback.

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