Tuesday, August 30, 2011

who's got the button?

I do!

I used about fifty pounds of clay making buttons and magnets recently, and I just unloaded my kiln a couple of hours ago. I still haven't entirely figured out how to sell such unique items on my website without having to photograph and list each one individually. NONETHELESS! An upcoming beloved Phat Fiber box will be loaded with my buttons.

I decided to sort my stuff by color.

Very neat thing:
As soon as the USPS delivers it, I will be selling Ally's yarn at market and possibly also on the website. She gave me a 41 yard sample that will be a part of my sock yarn blanket. This sample was out on my table, and a yarn-store employee wanted to buy it. she said, "this is good stuff."

I agree.

Spending so much of my time making things that people will want to buy is... well, it's that: it's spending my time making things that people will want to buy. I love being able to spend my days in my studio and with my daughter. she is awesome. see exhibit A.

(exhibit A)

I would like to do more than production pottery. I want to get some more use out of those 0/5 brushes. I have a project in mind that has been brewing for quite some time. Actually, my plan was to do it for the first year of ArtPrize. Life doesn't always care for plans, does it? Over the past few years, I've been able to nurture the idea and, more importantly, improve my skills.

Because this project won't fit neatly under my 10'x10' canopy tent-- especially its price tag-- I'm looking to raise money up-front. I've submitted the basics of the project to the Kickstarter people. I will probably do the project regardless of whether I'm able to raise money through Kickstarter, but it will be all the more fabulous if I am properly funded. Importantly, I would like to upgrade my kiln. Yes, Kickastarter people, I do intend to spend some project money on a kiln upgrade.

In the meantime, I have hundreds of buttons to glaze. I have a new glaze, frit for my steel grey shino, and aftosa's black wax resist. Next week I will have two glaze firings. On Saturday, September 10, I will have more stuff than will fit on my table and it will be AWESOME.

In summary:
1. Phat Fiber is going to get Full of Delicion! very soon.
2 I'm experimenting with new layouts for my product at market.
3. The product line will soon expand to include Ally's delicious yarn.
4. I want to do a project that doesn't have to be an easy impulse-purchase.
5. Lucia is awesome.

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