Monday, October 17, 2011

all of zen wants you to shut up (o:

This past weekend, my new button search feature went live. Gaze in awe upon its design glory.

Marty has done the code for my website as well as a good amount of the design. He makes *me* look professional. He also undercharges, but I can't guarantee he'll do that for you. If you need any web work done at all ever you should get in touch with him at Starkiller Interweb Design.

The buttons that necessitated the search function are for sale, and you should buy them! They are completely functional. Each is unique. Every fingerprint is mine. The leaves all came from either my yard or my parents', and the sea shells came from the beach by their house.

For the snowy seasons, I will make a stamp based on the intensely impressive work of legendary Wilson Bentley. Ideally, these will be for sale early November.

However. (huge sigh) During a recent bisque fire, my kiln released a fantastic haze. We suspect that the elements are consuming themselves. We had already planned some involved renovations to properly vent the kiln, and now we plan to include replacing the elements. Replacement elements are surprisingly inexpensive, but removing several yards of coiled-- electrified-- metal wire from firebrick is not exactly a quick job. I'm less intimidated about installing the new ones, in large part because they will be less brittle.

I had planned the October / November firing sets to start two weeks from today. There are custom orders delayed, actually, already. The sadness.

I'm not going to take custom holiday orders until I have that all sorted out.

On a more positive note, in terms of holidays, I'm making globe ornaments.

They are a long way from perfect, and so I have about a year to get them down and ready.

 In summary:
1. Marty of Starkiller Interweb Design made a really cool update to my website.
2  My buttons are neat.
3. My kiln wants a lot of my time and energy.
4. #3 briefly precludes my willingness to take custom orders.
5. For the love of cupcakes, I'm throwing SPHERES.


Franklin Curtis said...
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Marticus Daedalus said...

Thanks for the kind words!