Saturday, February 11, 2012

adventures in making wood out of mud

It was an accident. I wanted to make pinwheel buttons. I make pinwheel cookies-- my favorite ever.

I made some changes for reasons that were quite stupid-- largely because I apparently have to make things more complicated than previously considered possible. ANYWAY

Cutting vertically like you would for pinwheels made a gross mess. The lines were not even and pinwheely. The lines looked more like the inside of a tree. Hm.... so how about cutting horizontally?

an experiment_2012 01 24_0055_edited-1.jpg

an experiment_2012 01 24_0056_edited-1.jpg

How would it look fired?

glaze_2012 02 08_0050_edited-1.png


so the next project is a bit of a tower

glaze_2012 02 08_0051.ARW


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