Saturday, January 24, 2009

having resurfaced

the good news, originally uploaded by nirbhao.

I made sandy (a.k.a.: gluten free) toll house style chocolate and butterscotch cookies! they even taste right! huzzah!

because it's awesome:
my mom went underwater spelunking today. she called to tell me about going through the tunnel to a room through another tunnel into another room. she is so ridiculously cute-- an argument for the midlife crisis.

when I get curious about things, I look them up. the internet is amazing like that. sometimes, I use wikipedia. I have mixed feelings about the site, but, if nothing else, the bibliographies provide a good starting point.

apparently, a genre whose ven diagram intersects with the type of music I like is called shoe gazing. not knowing what that is, I looked it up.

this is quite possibly the worst article I have ever read.

unrelatedly, I broke my 17-hair brush. the thing could do a line 1mm thick in glaze. (sigh) I got a 000 brush in an attempt to replace-- a failed attempt.

we still haven't found the rolling pin.

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