Friday, February 27, 2009

of course I'm high

when you are a hammer, originally uploaded by nirbhao.

everything in my life is great.

well, there is that one little thing. I like to pretend it's not real. other people seem to be far more concerned about it than I am, unaware what a relief the drop of the damoclean sword would be.

forgive me while I wax poetic.

• I unloaded the klin yesterday. I actually wasn't able to fit everything I had to fire in it, which is fun. more than half of the load was bobbin bowls.

I've started turning any piece I don't like or throw poorly into a bobbin bowl. what a gross idea that I would sell only the work I dislike. the selling happening because of a willing market, as opposed to the available supply. point being that I'm not going to make any more bobbin bowls.

• I've turned the heels on my orange socks. I've been a part of two blanket bouncing ball boxes. I like to add an extra 'b' for good measure-- bbbbb.

• research and writing class and I have a love / hate relationship. the research and writing are fine, but the punctuation either makes me giddy or pisses me off. seriously, who cares whether a period is italicized? WHO CAN TELL?

• family is great. being their silly selves. I love them.

• food is delicious. however, being gluten free and having to cook pretty much everything from scratch means I can get overly ambitious.

• I recently bought a 1TB external harddrive. wasn't it pretty recently that a megabyte was big?

• I've left the hedonistic convent.* kind of scary. mostly awesome. a relationship whose roots have the breadth of friendship and depth of time can grow tall and strong.

* I still argue that hamlet was calling ophelia a whore.

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