Tuesday, June 2, 2009

things I like

on mornings like these, when colors become deeper and the brightness is a soft, diffused glowing, I am grateful. as they sigh, grumpy; as they impatiently fire barbed words at one another; as they mutter and swear over uncooperative buttons I am glad that I make it look easy. I do not have to heft the weight of my own self-importance over my shoulder, indifferent to anyone who might find eirself in my path.

I got to smile and laugh. I'm prepping yarn to dye and formatting the memo due today. I'm thinking about how I will make a ceramic piece for my personal code of conduct, due week five. (I'll probably go with the God's Tooth theme)

amaco came out with thirteen new potter's choice glazes. that is my favorite series, too. look!

here are some more wonderful things:
  • my friends
  • President Coolidge
  • Jaydiohead
  • pretty much all music
  • when people buy my stuff on etsy
  • being in love
  • smiling
  • the glowing right before it rains
  • mirapex and provigil
  • Palmer
  • yarn. jeez. obvious!
  • Perky's
  • that my mom, who is 53, is PADI certified, and did so in the past year
  • when my brother plays guitar and sings
  • art
  • my 0/5 brush
  • my hardwood comb
  • Marie Catrib's
  • juice
  • clean laundry
  • the party of chickens
  • my family
  • clay. clay. clay.
  • chocolate soy milk
  • that the beau reads to me
  • "magic" bandages
  • clean sheets
  • getting the sheets dirty
  • making functional items from scratch
  • the ridiculous amount of opportunity available to me
  • playfulness
happy tuesday. be sure to smile a lot.

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