Tuesday, April 21, 2009

photo overload!

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go here to see 48 new ceramics pictures!

the glaze firing turned out disappointing. I guess it wasn't really that bad, but I don't feel like I can give one of the pieces I had made as a gift (on a bit of a tight time-frame). it was on the top shelf and pretty much the entire reason I fired this weekend, and so I looked at the rest of the pieces with that disappointment in my belly.

saturation metallic and I got into a fight.

the chickens in this batch turned out pretty well, although I don't understand why so many people are sending me logos.

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send pictures or email me (shine@thedelicion.com) and I will mail you tiles.

I actually used a tripod for the documentary photos. there were definitely drawbacks, but I'm getting better with tools to make life easier.

my Obama bowl is listed on ebay. go buy it so that I can stop disappointing my parents by wasting so much time elbow-deep in mud.

several months ago -- possibly more than a year -- while searching the now defunct cnet free music download database, I came across The Milk and Milk Money. the website directs to last.fm.com, but the Milk Money song I really like isn't available for download.

I have them for you, though!
Roll yo Belly by Milk Money
The Bad Guys by The Milk

last night both of them came up in my "random" playlists. both are good songs both in spatial and technical organization and lyric logic.

also, Jose Gonzalez is also amazing. I love everything I've heard that he's written.

also also, Four for Smoking has music available on amazon.com.

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