Sunday, May 3, 2009

doesn't seem like much

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Margaret Cho takes issue with Hello Kitty's popularity among young women. She is not a good role model; she doesn't even have a mouth. Cho goes so far as to say, "she ain't nothing but a pussy with a bow on it."

I think about that a lot, especially because I actually do like Hello Kitty.

my sanrio tattoo is of kuromi, so I guess my role model is mischievous and has plenty to say.

women were supposed to be demure. now we're supposed to be ambitious. when will it be up to *us* how we approach the world?

*blink* *blink*

a glaze fire load finished earlier today. it feels like there is nothing in it, but I think that is because the work is relatively simple

as opposed to the last load's rather complex detail

I'm pretty happy with each piece in the kiln right now. Nessie, especially, should be pretty neat.

I need to catch up on chickens. there are maybe a dozen in this load. if you want one, let me know!

I did some destroying
like bullet holes

when shit like this happens, I want to rub in it the noses of the people who tell me it's obviously not that bad. reading my records is an exercise in medical vocabulary:
blepharospasm, diplopia, dysmetria, exophoria, expressive aphasia, hyper-reflexic, leukopenia, marcus gunn pupil, tremulous notice-- and that's just one neurologist!

I wish people would stop telling me to suck it up.

I worked really hard to not be so angry all the time. trinity 2009 starts on the 11th. I'm registered. I want to go back.

I have no idea how I'm supposed to.

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