Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Very Special Happy Tuesday

100!, originally uploaded by nirbhao.

Chicken number 100 joins the party today. actually, it's a handful of chickens. most of them are groupies. or something.

people have been amazing. here are some of my favorites:


If you would like to play along, either design a paper template (digital is okay, too, as I'm realizing is significantly easier) or request a ready-for-your-attention tile. to do the latter, send me a private message through any of the four social networking websites I belong to. *

The Party of Chickens now also has its own facebook page AND Twitter . . . . tweeter! you have no excuse to not play along. seriously.

unrelatedly, some things that are going on in my life:
1. I'm back in school. thank god. I was getting bored.
2 I'm volunteering with DA Blodgett's Sisters in Support program.
3. Today, I will find out if any of the four pieces I submitted to the Festival of the Arts Regional Arts Competition have been accepted.
4. certain words, like submit, should not have the -'ed' enclitic for the past tense.
5. I sold a ceramic bowl via the barter system. Thank you, Jess. You, too, can own original artwork in exchange for tools and materials. this stuff deserves to be appreciated!
6. the beau, as always, is amazing. I'm not entirely at all sure how I got so lucky.
7. the health drama continues. it will probably never end. isn't nearly five years in a little late to realize that it's not going away?

smile a lot!

* facebook, flickr, ravelry, and suicide girls. I'm also available via a boatload of email addresses, so you can also send any of these things to shine@thedelicion.com.

I also have an etsy shop, but I have decided that no one actually sells things on etsy.

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