Sunday, August 24, 2008

a lot of words

I am exhausted. some of this has to do with the reclaim I am working on. I have about 75 pounds of clay that I'm reconstituting the hard way. my studio is not to the point of requiring a clay mixer, even though it would be nice.


I trimmed the feet on the three big bowls I made. intense. trimming is the most frightening part of the project. even firing is less frightening. I'm considering tossing a bowl because I don't think the foot fits. I'm excited because that means that I've passed the point where anything I finish is amazing.

my tremor has been downright righteous. like, making typing hard righteous. this is apparent on one of the bowls, and I'm trying to decide if I need to toss it because of that. one of my instructors used to tell us that we should only keep pieces that we are proud of, which is one of those things that's obvious and yet no one really seems to know it.

my army of chickens continues to grow. I am in love with them. I'm trying to think of good ways to encourage people to design them, but I'm struggling. I want to leave postcards around, but I don't have the resources to include return postage. meh meh meh


I'm trying to make socks. (sigh) I am in denial right now and not willing to frog, but the pattern is in british english and I didn't realize how different that was when it came to knitting lingo. the next time I start will be the third. c'mon now, girl!

I spent *way* too much time with the karma yarn swap. I'm sending nine packages out tomorrow. it's good though, because most of it is yarn I wasn't using. buttons I wasn't using! that was the most ridiculous. I had these buttons from several years ago. they are beautiful, but I don't really do anything that requires buttons.

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