Wednesday, August 6, 2008

omg sad


I liked that painting. I should have sold it or at least given it away.

last night, it was in pieces on the floor. I picked them up and stacked them with all of the other shit I need to sort out.

omg sad

here's the crazy part: it landed so precisely on my pill sorter that it broke tuesday night. only tuesday night.

omg sad

last night was tuesday night.


jake said...

OMG yes, I saw pictures of that one and I thought it was lovely. You should try to use the pieces in another project. I'm a big fan of art that is made from other art. (meta-art?)

Nirbhao said...

I've been thinking about incorporating it into something else. I haven't decided. everything I've thought of so far is just recreation, and I can't really do that.

RUBA said...

you can assemble peices in a mosaic,you're creative I'm sure you'll come up with osmething even more beautifull

don't worry ;)

Nirbhao said...

you are very kind, Ruba