Tuesday, August 12, 2008

wait what?

I think I kicked torts' ass. my property exam is tonight, and my goal is to not fail.

I changed the format of this blog because having pictures constantly cut off pissed me off.

anyway, I started having this crisis of consciousness. it was exciting. I pictured myself in a fancy suit (I clean up well, by the way) interviewing for a position in a firm. I was explaining how artwork is important to me, and how I wanted a good amount of time to be able to art.

I work hard. I will do well for this firm. I don't want to be partner. In fact, I don't want to work very much, because I want to have a lot of time for my artwork.

which, of course, would lead to the question why I wanted to go into law in the first place.

money is not the whole answer, and it certainly isn't the correct answer. money is a good reason to work. I like feeling productive and all, but a girl's got to eat. I thought about law being my "other" passion, the "other" thing I love. most employers aren't looking to be somebody's side job, and certainly not in law. I've been accused of being married to my job before, and that will probably happen again.

maybe I should just hang a shingle and let cases come in as they may.


maybe I'm overly nervous because property exams are intimidating for everyone.

maybe avoiding partner tracking is how I can resolve being an attorney with taoism.

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