Tuesday, August 19, 2008

skid marks

not the dirty kind.

I thought I would be less busy, but I guess I'm still adjusting. I am doing a lot, though, which is very good. these things include:

1. studio makeover. I've spent about $25 on lighting, moved the desk out, and rearranged shelving. could still use more shelving, but I'm close to giddy with how it is right now.
2 handbuilding. I made two "ridiculous ashtrays," which are really just bowls with legs. curly legs. I'm also growing the army of chickens.
3. breaking things. I broke one of my ridiculous ashtrays and tore through the bottom of another bowl while throwing it. I guess it is because I am able to take more off the wheel that more is dying later in the process.
4. books. only $400 this term. w00t!
5. knitting. finished the lyric tree and am running out of colors for the blanket.

coming down the runway are Molly's Headband and the Sushi Roll Scarf.

happy tuesday!

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