Friday, August 22, 2008

where is this year going?

I think it just started yesterday.

sock yarn blankie (ugh, I hate the word blankie) is coming along nicely.

I need my swap yarn to arrive, because I am running out of colors.

I started a headband:

I hate it. I can't decide whether I should finish it. I love the pattern and I love the yarn, separately! they just don't work together. I should use some kind of stiff cotton. maybe I'll get some different yarn and try again. on the one hand, I definitely should not keep starting projects and then abandoning them. on the other, I *do not* believe in forcing myself to finish a project I don't like (for a variety of reasons).

we'll see if anyone claims the yarn in the karma yarn swap.

I've been throwing a lot. since I started using bats, I'm able to take more stuff-- larger stuff-- off the wheel successfully. however, I am destroying a lot more trimming feet. I am still not having any luck at all with legs.

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