Saturday, October 25, 2008

elbow deep in dirt (and it's wonderful)

somebody (Jenn.) introduced me to bobbin bowls. I made three last night. I am going to make more. the ones I made are itty bitty.

throwing itty bitty is *really* hard for me. throwing big means that when I jerk the piece around, I don't completely destroy it. I want to make tiny delicate giftmas tree globes.

there is a line I haven't quite figured out between things I need to learn how to do and things that just require accommodation. The tripod for my camera (or continuous exposure, because I am way too lazy to use a tripod) is a reasonable accommodation. is throwing off the hump something I just can't do?

John said, "you walk into a room and you feel like you have to explain yourself to everyone." if he had a disability, that would be sympathetic. it would mean that he understands the discomfort and awkwardness. John doesn't have a disability. John is good at calling me out on my shit. what his statement meant was that I don't have to explain myself.

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