Sunday, October 12, 2008

my outline is better than the casebook!

unfortunately, too few of my classmates get the reference.

(my outline is most definitely neither better nor longer than the casebook)

I started a bit too late this term, but, man.... there were things I planned to do this weekend, like laundry. the best I can do about the studio is gaze longingly. I am setting aside time tomorrow both for biking and throwing. it's important to nurture all aspects of health.

it occurred to me that, for all of my insecurities, I can't complain without also bragging. my life is just too fucking great. that's bragging, right? except what I am really trying to convey is how grateful I am for the disproportionate awesomeness the universe has bestowed on me.

anyway, I got through the crushing-sadness-for-no-reason and am now back to overwhelming euphoria. woo! bipolar!

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