Saturday, October 4, 2008

this week in review (the epic!)

this is what I should have said to my boss when he told me that he needed me to come in today:
fuck you.

yesterday a shower and quick run (I didn't actually run) to school wore me out. today I am skipping vicodin to work? (deep breath) enough whining. when I hold still, I feel better than I did before. when I hit a pothole on the expressway, well......

weird thing: I have no idea what to eat. I have been living off of cream of wheat, toast, eggs, soy milk, and food juice long enough that I am not even sure what I want to eat. I might go back to veganism. it's a lot easier to build up than cut down. except I like honey.

I've encountered some unanticipated logistical... um... excitement. this actually feels really stupid. usually, when I transfer an image, I use the grid method. I decided that, because of the small size and detail of the chickens, carbon paper would be a good way to go. in theory this is great. it makes nice lines and burns off just like pencil.

carbon paper is also dark enough that I can't see through it to see where the chicken is.


I glazed my favorite bowl from this batch. that's always scary, you know? every stage is frightening when I care about a project. it's nice to push boundaries with the pieces I don't care about, but I shouldn't keep them.

I got a boatload of swap yarn this week. it is amazing stuff. I truly am a yarn addict, and I have no desire whatsoever to rehab. I've been incorporating the new colors, and I really don't think I can handle the pink. it's a bit too lisa frank. I have this weird feeling of obligation to use the yarn even if I don't like it (as opposed to, say, reswapping it), and I'm trying to shake that because it's absolutely ridiculous. I should only use yarn I like.

I've been a bit too monogamous with the sock yarn blanket, and so I do need to diversify. a friend wants some pot holders, and I found great mario brothers color charts. I also really want to make the sushi roll scarf. I've wanted to make it since this spring but decided against starting a scarf in spring. the drops socks, on the other hand... I just don't care. I don't dislike them enough to frog them, but I probably will put them down for a bit.

I have not studied at all this week. BAD! this is especially frustrating since I actually figured out *how* to outline and *how* to write. really you have to have gone through it to understand that you think you understand when people explain it, but then one day it just makes sense.

I got my blue books back, and comments generally are along the lines of, "this would be very good if it were more organized." that is thrilling, given that organization is something I can practice. organization is part of what came with the outline epiphany.

In other news
I'm poor and you should buy me things.
(also my birthday is less than a sixth of a year away)

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