Tuesday, October 7, 2008

spinning my wheels

I guess I have a bit of cabin fever.

this is post number 64, by the way. 64 is one of my favorite numbers.

this is the bowl that I was talking about earlier:

I've been thinking about selling my work, largely because I could use the money. I'm still hesitant, given how obvious my tremor is. giving them away allows me to pretend they aren't worth anything because of my defect.

this past weekend I was glazing, and what felt right was even, consistent, solid coats. nothing fancy at all. when I did dip glazing, solid colors were about as lazy as a person could get. I decided that it's okay and just to go with it for now.

I am planning extremely intricate works. yesterday, I tried to make one happen and it just didn't. the planning becomes even more complex. it should be gorgeous when it comes into being.

I also have decided that I want to make a gigantic box for my fiber works. I'm doing some sketching, measuring, and planning. it will be an involved project, and I will need a good deal of space and time to make it happen. I like it that I am taking the time to plan it out well. a lot of times, I get excited about these project and start them before I have them entirely figured out. in the past, that has worked out pretty okay.

I'm coming to terms with my status as hedonistic nun.

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