Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the sun rises

I was in my studio by 7am this morning.

as it turns out, I am still terrible at throwing off the hump. I did a *very* nice foot on one of the bowls, though. I'm getting pretty excited about this next bisque.

one of the pieces that I threw the other day cracked as it was drying. it looked like just a little crack in the bottom. I like to float the pieces in the reclaim bin because it is fun to watch them sink, and if the water is still enough, they collect on top of the other clay in such a way that I can still tell what piece it was.

as I expected, the clay around the crack started absorbing water right away. what I didn't realize was that the crack spiraled up the wall of the bowl about one and a half times. this is the really cool part: the bowl spun! as it was dissolving, it turned in circles on top of the water. it was quick, too, and consistent.

science is neat.

I made a decision about my job. when I am relieved with a decision, I know it was the right thing.

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