Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving

the government gave us a day off to sit around and think about how great our lives are.

unless we work in retail or service (or the military), because apparently the government seeks to further the chasm between blue collar and silk stocking. hmmmmmm........

if you think of anything bad, like family gossip or having to work or the grey hairs taking over your scalp, let it go. when the thoughts enter your head, drop them. take a deep breath and think about your cozy socks, the warm shower that's a little longer than environmentally friendly, and the fact that you are not on fire.

unless you are on fire. if that is the case, STOP PLAYING ON THE INTERNET. then drop and roll. do not run, scream, and burn. then, when the fire is out, be grateful that you are no longer on fire.

if you work in retail or service, take solace that people you encounter are glad you are there for them. they may be cranky, but they are probably just mad at themselves for running out of gas or hemorrhoid creme and do not have the cognizance or self-control to not take it out on you.

don't be the cranky person, either. that's not cool.

to my classmates who are finishing their memo, be impressed with yourself for coming this far and grateful that the library is open until midnight.

(I think.)

anyway. don't be too cool to say, "happy thanksgiving." we try to be all poetic about what that really means, but there is no reason to try so hard. the gratefulness is there. entertain it.

post script: I subscribed some people to receive blog updates via email. we all know that I am a show off, so let's not pretend to be surprised. if you would like to not be subscribed, just say, "hey, shine, not so cool."

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everthere said...

I'm grateful for these words.
Happy thanksgiving.