Friday, November 14, 2008

why I spend my friday nights at home

the bars don't begin to compare:

of course, I'm always thrilled about the chickens.

the obama bowl will not be ready for the firing. I'm eager to see how it will come out, but it's not worth rushing it.

the fiddle bowl. all hail. I actually have people giving me a hard time about not giving it to them. I tend to think people take my stuff just to humor me, and so it makes me giddy when people actually like them. I spent an hour or so (um. under the influence) telling John how huge a compliment it is that he wears the socks I made him.

I appreciate that I am bragging, but really it means a lot to me that people actually like my stuff.


this is what I do while I'm at work. that's right: it's a double knit chart for text that will be right way on both sides.

I'm thrilled to watch it come into being.

I am the world's biggest nerd and you wouldn't have me any other way.

and of course:

the sock yarn blanket.

as always, pictures are links to the photos within my flickr photostream.

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