Saturday, November 29, 2008

is it a problem of chemicals or perspective?

I know the holidays are disruptive and everything will be better when I get back into my beloved routine-- when I get the intruders out of my space.

I'm having a bit of a pity party, though, trying to figure out why I just can't be okay.

yes, there is stress in my life, but stress happens. it is a part of life. I need to be able to handle it.

(deep breath)

the beardcore hat is busy being awesome. I'm not sure if it's too big or if it's just bigger than my head. I measured-- I have measured again-- and that all seems to be right. for a while I was thinking I should tear it all out and start again, but I have since decided that it might be a lot cooler felted. I'll keep working on it, because I don't have to decide now. until I actually do felt it, I can always take it out.

you should look at my pictures, too. I spent pretty much all day yesterday in my studio.

it was great.


Liz said...

The holidays throw so many of us off. LIke you said, it will get easier once they pass and the routine resumes.

FYI, I check out your Flickr all the time :)


Gina said...

you too huh