Wednesday, December 10, 2008

day off (kind of)

homage, originally uploaded by nirbhao [EXAM WEEK].

yesterday, a classmate, who I don't interact with very much, approached me and told me that he wants this bowl.

a lot of people want it. I think I might have to sell it.

I will also be making a Karisa Wilson bowl, for Karisa, of course. this type of glazing is fun, and hopefully I will improve with practice.

I don't have an exam today, but, of course, I have a lot of studying for my next two. I'm not worried about torts, but property... man. my goal is to pass the test.

I've been using iwisdom to collect and organize information for my classes. it's a kind of bottom up outline. today, I got excited about my research and writing class because I think it will that powerful of a tool.

nerd for the win!

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Tabmade said...

That turned out so well! The way you did the coloration is really fantastic. Make some more! haha