Monday, December 1, 2008

second quarter century

I'm flattered into embarrassment by my friends' and family's kindness and generosity.

I also love social networking websites' birthday notifications:
ravelry gave me cake
ravelry cake

and sg gave me a balloon
sg ballon

I had a bit of a 'duh' moment yesterday.

Palmer came with me to the library. the library has so much static energy, especially near exam time, that it's hard to even hold still. Palmer is completely stabilizing. better than any drug out there.


Chris said...

First & foremost, Happy Birthday!

Second, you're probably on to something with your last sentence. Food for thought.

everthere said...

The balloon may have floated away but I still want to wish you a Happy Birthday.
Now I know why the air felt so good yesterday, it was the earth remembering your birth.