Tuesday, December 2, 2008

heads are not 30" around

maybe I should felt it, originally uploaded by nirbhao.

on the plus size, I could have mad this hat into a sweater. it would be the world's warmest and softest sweater ever.

I started over, which is actually a pretty good thing. I can fix my retarded 'r' without double stitching, AND, more importantly, I can change something that would only mildly itch at my brain. as it was, when the bottom was folded up, the main color would be the opposite main color as the rest of the hat. now I can make it so that the main color will be the same no matter which way it is folded up. I will probably also make the logo right way on both sides, like I did for the text. I'm not entirely sure about that, though, because I don't think the backwards logo will be fatal.

in other news, I believe I trimmed my best foot ever in the entire history of trimming feet.

it is effing gorgeous. I should only keep pieces I am this proud of. really. I'm not quite that confident yet.

finally, I found a great software program to manage my law school nerdiness, such as case holdings, hilarious quotes, and elements of claims, crimes, and defenses. and types of property interests and how to create and dissolve them.

now I just get to input these quotes from all of my completely disorganized note cards.

on the plus side, I can categorize in a number of different ways, such as topic (e.g.: rule 11 or future interests), subject, judge, court, and holding and dicta. yes, I am that big of a nerd.

now I just have to decide the order of doing things. I was hoping to be done with civil procedure yesterday, but I just have a tiny bit more. should I input when I am done with the class or when I am done with all of my classes? also, I'm going to have to take my case holding timeline off my studio wall. should I put stuff back up and soon as it is input?

really what I would like to do is put the case holding timeline back up on sunday, when I do my glaze firing.

also, I'm doing a glaze firing on sunday.

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