Sunday, December 7, 2008

lie, but truth

I threw myself a pity party so righteous it inadvertently became a weekend festival. getting port-a-potties on such short notice can be a real chore, though.

a friend agreed with me when I made a statement that is the emotional equivalent of 'this makes me look fat.' yeah, it stung. it occurred to me that if I don't want people to believe those things, I probably shouldn't work so hard to convince them.

I think I was reasonably justified, but, like my brother says, "excuses are like assholes; everyone has one and they all stink."

I watched root of all evil: bloggers v. drinking games this morning. (giggle*snort)

while reading post secret.

ahhaha I bet that's only funny to me.

awesome news:
the glaze firing is done. it only took about 12 hours, which means I'll be able to open the kiln and see my stuff tomorrow after my exams!

yeah. exams. I am having a mild attack about exams. I'm less than a week away from being finished with my first year of law school. it doesn't feel real.

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