Wednesday, September 24, 2008

dear facebook people

I reactivated my facebook account. again. I've actually been reactivated more than a few hours now, so we're working on a new record.

reasons I don't like social network websites:
1. seriously who has time for this bullshit?
2 everyone can see everything. to quote the resplendent william shatner, "that's too much knowledge!"
3. life becomes a performance. it's an exercise in self-spin. which angle of my personality makes me look best?
4. I'm a real person and would like to interact like one. it makes me sad when I am in reality with another person and that person pays more attention to the internet than anyone or anything around.
5. e-hugs are nowhere near as awesome as the real thing.

plus I have this bizarre compulsion to add as a "friend" anyone I know even remotely. then we don't interact and I get sad.

silly, I know.

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