Saturday, September 6, 2008

dear law school: I miss my friends

I've actually been a terrible friend lately. I'm needy and whiny. my friends have been extremely patient and understanding, and I am grateful. I'm afraid to contact them directly and tell them how grateful I am because I've been harassing them so thoroughly.

regarding the academic endeavor, I love all of my professors this term. I am also the gigantic nerd who loves civil procedure, and so I'm excited to have that class. the last time I took it, my professor was from brazil. I hear so many of the words in his accent, and I love it. penoyer, impleader, jurisdiction... yep. I'm a nerd. you know you love it.

regarding the arts, I've only played with clay a few hours this week. I'm pleased with what's come of it, but... it's not very much. I take breaks when I am studying to knit. generally, after an hour or so, I knit four rows on my sock yarn blanket. I like it better now and am glad I started over.

pictures! I take a lot of pictures, mostly documentary style-- a lot of yarn. it's the processing that takes time. I've also started receiving chicken designs, and I need to scan and post them. I am nerdily excited about this project.

my tremor has been really bad lately. tremor, I say to you: fuck you.

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