Tuesday, September 23, 2008

happy tuesday

No religion is an acting factor that changes or even influences a person. Religion, as an institution, is a corpse. Books and scriptures are still and lifeless. When we have faith, God comes alive within us.

This morning, I figured out how to actually write legal analysis. Our instructors explain it to us repeatedly, and I didn't think I didn't understand. This morning, it clicked. There was an audible clicking noise! (not really) It makes sense now. I'm excited to write more.

(It's still hard work)

I am either invincible or really whiny. I can't decide. I've spent the past week amazed that I don't pass out and die. Every day I don't think I can feel much worse. The crazy thing is that I'm happy. I'm happy and incredibly functional. I still hurt. I still get tired, and when I am tired it is much harder to be okay. I'm also hungry.

Last night I decided that I need a warm gigantic cakey chocolate EDGE brownie with cream cheese baked in the top. I haven't had chocolate in months, and really nothing else sounds better right now.

I guess this whole thing is an exercise in the difference between want and need, and how easy it is to go without what I don't need.

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