Sunday, July 27, 2008

first glaze firing

fyi-- I will be updating quite a bit on this, but I will edit it so I don't have four million posts.

fired kiln up, cone 6. shelves are freshly painted with kiln wash. the scary glass piece is on four shelf separator tabby things. the vents are both open, but I will probably close them after not too long. it's hard to get reduction firing in an electric kiln.

closed the vents.

opened one vent and took a look. maybe saw smoke. I figure if something is burning, it is the glass. that will be an adventure. I watched for a while and didn't see any more smoke. maybe I am just stroking out.
I'm watching factorum, and it reminds me a lot about my last serious relationship. hopefully it's giving me some good insight.

things are going great. the pieces are starting to glow.

as it turns out, taking a picture of the inside of a kiln through the peep hole vent thing with a tremor is a challenging task. things are still going good.

12 noon
well, fuck me. I left the vent thingie out last time. (big sigh) everything is still good.

the day goes by really quickly when you break it down into hours.
pieces are glowing, but they are not yet so bright that I can't see them. it doesn't look like the glaze has melted yet.
I'm making these pastry things I make. I use some combination of pillsbury crescent rolls (which I *love*), olivio, cream cheese, brie, blueberries, and raw sugar. I can't eat much at all because of the gerd, but I can eat these PLUS they are super delicious.
it's an 80ยบ day in july, so of course I should have an oven at a couple thousand degrees downstairs and an oven at a couple hundred up.

it was my plan to study a bit today, not sit at my computer the entire time. Shane is coming over soon (at my request), and so I will further be able to distract myself then. BUT!

I took pictures:
more to come
my pastry thingies

more to come
some of them got more exciting than others

more to come

I'm seriously hoping that blue spot is not my camera melting.

the pieces are glowing but still distinguishable.

it is all just a glowing and I love it

I checked at 5pm, too. it's all good in the hood, my friends.

I'm grateful for the firewall. the glow comes out from the peep hole vent thingy. I'm tired and I want to take a nap.

no change, except now I am also hungry. (har har) the estimated timer thingy says a little more than four hours, so we are right on schedule.

pleasantly boring. w00t! uneventful kiln log!

we are crossing from red hot to white

16 hours and success!

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RUBA said...

what a long day!

the cresents look yummy :)