Monday, July 7, 2008

the sock yarn blankie

alright I'll do it.

I'm making the blankie. I started on july fourth. so far, I've knit a bunch of triangles. I knit two together the way we're supposed to. I'm planning on knitting three of each color I have. I did that in three colors, and with the fourth, I started knitting one triangle between two of the original triangles and two unconnected ones. I plan to do this for a bit and then start knitting two of the three-triangle-bits together and keep making loose ones. I want the color pattern to be as random as possible.

I'm also on the prowl for sock yarn. I joined a swap in the blankie mania group. I've also offered to exchange yarn for anyone who has it. this offer goes to anyone who is reading this blog as well.

no pictures yet. I was *going* to get a new macro lens today, but apparently it is not in yet. I thought it would be really fun to break it in with triangle pictures. maybe tomorrow.

for now, I'm going to get some of that delicious noro sock yarn. I will use it to make socks. promise.

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