Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I've been a weird kind of busy lately. I think it feels most weird because I am not busy in terms of places I have to be. I can sit at home and I am still very busy.

because of this, I have become a complete and total introvert.

on the plus side, the sock yarn blankie (at least at this stage) is extremely portable. I've been bringing it just about everywhere with me. I think about constantly. I dream about it. I have a formula for how I am going to attach triangles.

on the down side, I'm knitting compulsively. it's like smoking. I *must* knit. not so healthy.

I think I ruined the yarn that I dyed. drying? not so great.

so, of course, I'm going to do another batch. this time, I want to use tea as dye. in my mind, it is beautiful.

also, I'm not super blogspot proficient. I received a lovely comment from RUBA, and I don't really know how to respond. so, thanks RUBA.

happy tuesday

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