Thursday, July 24, 2008

that which achieves its effect by accident is not art

seneca, always on my mind...

I studied! w00t!

check out my pre-underlined text book

I got distracted

a lot.

a lot. a lot.

actually, I find that I am much more productive when I give myself permission to do other things as well. I feel a little bit guilty, especially about not being at work, when I play with yarn and clay.

I'm dyeing yarn. it's kind of addictive.

by kind of, I mean severely.

and, of course, my boyfriend, Clay.

nobody gets paid for art anymore anyway.

vocation v. convocation, right?

little bitty thingy to say: all of the pictures are links to my flickr photo stream.


Nyssa said...

Your photography is amazing.

I have some bamboo yarn - but don't know what to make with it.

Anonymous said...

I want so badly to start dying yarn. You have no idea. If only time were not working against me so often these days. I just want to spend a whole weekend immersed in colors.

Nirbhao said...

Nyssa, thank you.

I've made a couple pairs of socks with bamboo. talk about comfortable!

Liz, dyeing yarn is super addictive. fortunately, as long as you are not painting the yarn, it's nowhere near as time consuming as it looks. 15 minutes and let it sit for an hour. 15 minutes and let it sit all day. 45 minutes to rinse, hang it to dry and wind the next day.