Friday, July 18, 2008

I should be doing homework...

a couple weeks ago, I spent a lot of time not doing homework. there were other things that I wanted to do. I didn't do those things. I struggled with that to do long enough that I didn't do either.

it was bad.

now, I am giving myself permission to do other things. if I feel like throwing, I can throw. if I feel like knitting, I can knit. I limit my time, otherwise I would spend all day throwing or knitting.

on wednesday, my glazes came in the mail. I'm setting up my studio bit by bit, so these are my first ever very own glazes.

I wanted to glaze things really badly.

the second I started saying.... I shouldn't.... I told myself that, yes, I can, but I can only glaze one thing. I did that, and then did my contracts stuff, and then I had enough time to work on another piece.

also, I am really enjoying my macro lens and maybe should take a break from it so I don't make everyone crazy.


as always, click for larger.

my tremor was really bad yesterday, so macro was quite the challenge.

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